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Hyatt Racing Products offers a large selection of Quarter Midget Racing Seat Belts that meet current SFI safety certifications. We are an authorized dealer of top manufactures - Simpson, Impact, Crow and Pyrotect.

USAC.25 Safety Belt Technical Specification (2020)

724 Seating

  1. Cars must have a web type safety belt with quick release buckle. Safety belt must securely fastened to the frame. Pull up lap belts are recommended.

  2. Use of safety belts is required at all times, and belt should be worn as tight as possible.

  3. Seat belt must be worn in such a manner that it passes around the pelvic area at a point below the anterior superior iliac spine. Under no condition may it be worn over the area of the intestines and abdomen. (Lap portion of safety belt must be located so that pressure is across driver's hips.

  4. Metal quick release is preferred.

  5. Minimum of a five point safety belt is mandatory.

  6. Double shoulder straps are mandatory. They must be worn securely across the right and left shoulders, and should be worn as tight as possible.

  7. No restraining device may be used to keep the drivers head or body outside of the shoulder bar.

  8. Anti-submarine belt mandatory.

  9. Both the fastening design and condition of the straps are subject to the inspection of USAC.

  10. Shoulder straps must be attached directly to a strong structural member of the chassis close behind the driver's head and neck.

  11. Life of the belts in use shall not exceed two (2) years and/or the manufacturer's expiration date stamp. This is in accordance with SFI mandates change to their labeling process for driver safety standards.

  12. Aluminum seats may be used. The seating system should provide a lateral support on both the left and right sides. It is recommended that the seat provide left and right lateral support for both the shoulders and head.

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